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Our Methodology

We are a specialist consulting firm that has expertice in gave sopport servicies to small and medium companies with a lot of expertice working in high scale proyects to big companies. Our philosophy begins from our desire to share our knowledge to our clients, creating harmonie and dynimic that allow us to design, trace and execute marketing plans based on the real needs of our client and the scope of the strategy.

We have Count Executives, that mange our proyects and gave sopport services full time to our clients, following our philosophy of continuos acompañamiento; thats why we work hand to hand with our clients team for the devolpment of the proyect; and is very important the constant feedback between the people involve, for assure the fulfillment of the general aim and generate results in the short and long term.

Truoght our expertise we have identify 3 basic stages that respond to the global needs of the companies in speciphic areas of sales and marketing. This are the stages of all our proyects and have a number of activities accord to the type of companie and the aims of the proyect.



In this stage, our team clarifies and define the Basic consepts needd it for the deveploment of marketing and sale activities incide the companie. It's the theoric guide of what the companie sees and wants for the market.


Acording to the companie plans and the proyect goles, we design a strategy that fits with the type of companie, the market, the budget and the limits of the proyect.


Define the features and components for the execution of the plan, times, costs, players, places and all the factors that integrate the plan execution.

In this way, we offer an accompany throught the implementation of the design strategies, with specialist with more than fifitheen years of expertice in critical areas of the action plan.