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 1. ParqueSoft Colombia

Consultancy in Strategic Marketing for the ParqueSoft foundation including the 16 technological parks at national level. Contracted through the MIDAS organization to develop the fundamental bases of Marketing in all the organization.




2.  DIAN
Consultant and Social Investigator developing qualitative study in Colombia related to the culture of the Contribution in all the country and four groups of the population. DIVISIÓN ESCUELA DE IMPUESTOS Y ADUANAS.


3. SIPCOM Corporation.

Consultancy in Designe, Development and Implementation of a Internet Bussines Portal. www.sipcomcorp.com




  4. Parques Temáticos de Colombia S.A.
Leader of Development of marketing for the KIXPLAY franchise and its first thematic park Astrolyta, located in Centenario Shopping Mall in Cali. We provide support and implementation from the conceptualization of the project to its inauguration and launching, including Investigation of Markets, Advertising and Expectation Campaign, among others.

ce_kixplay.jpg                          ce_astrolita.jpg



5. KTS
Integral consulting in Marketing from the conceptualization of the business, including exploration of market and Marketing plan.

ce_kts.jpg            ce_xpert.jpg
ce_foto.jpg“I worked with Liliana Bonilla, the leader and owner, during 7 months, time in which we elaborated the conceptualization of my business idea, a study of market and a commercial plan, elements that allowed us to make agile the process to do of that idea, a reality. In addition, I grew as professional and that acquired knowledge that became benefits for my company. For these reasons, I widely recommend the services of L.BONILLA Consultancy and Marketing”


6. ParqueSoft Armenia
Commercial consultations to ten emprendeur in the area of technology specialized in different economy sectors.



Business Definition, making emphasis on the market research