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Experts Team


liliana.jpgLiliana is Administrator of Companies and has a MBA with emphasis in Marketing of Kansas State University, Bilingual and Bicultural, with more than 18 years of experience in sales, marketing and development of new businesses in Colombia and the region of Latin America.

Liliana worked more than 10 years in two multinational companies: Motorola Inc and Johnson & Johnson Medical as much in Colombia as in Latin American and the United States.

For more than 5 years Liliana directed publicity, markets investigation, trade shows, events and activities in Internet. Liliana counts on experience in the development and retention of clients in the United States and Latin America and is been more than 2 years orienting, supporting and accompanying companies and businesses for his growth in sales and launching by new products/services to the market in Colombia. Liliana has led the Development of strategic alliances in Latin America.



Ricardo is an industrial Engineer from Los Andes University, with a Master in International Management in the Thunderbird University in United States. He is a Senior Consultant in Marketing and sales with more than fourteen years of experience supporting the organizational development through national and international markets, generating efficient marketing and sales strategies that allow the continues grow of the companies

For over ten years, he enrolled big companies such as BATA, Lloreda S.A., Quaker products y GaussSoft Colombia and he desenvolved as a marketing chief in those companies in which he counted with the opportunity of developed marketing and sales plans and strategies focused on creation and launch of new products, massive sales promotions, creation and support of distribution channels, media and advertising strategy campaign and marketing research on international markets like Colombia, Latin-American, Spain and Canada.

Now days, he is an independent consultant who has committed to support the integral growth of the small and medium size businesses, adding more expertise on important subjects like information technologies. Ricardo is complete convince that the small and medium size company develop it can be achieve if exist hard work and a integral and global market vision.


Claudia is a business manager graduated from ICESI University, with a specialization on marketing in the Eafit University, also has an MIB (master on International Business) from the Florida International University. She is certificated as a Business Development consultant by the ITC (International Trade Center).

Amount her fifteen years of expertise, she has been Product Manager, Chief Research Marketing and director of companies such as Merck Sharp & Dohmne (USA), Adidas, Textiles el Cedro. A-1 Express (USA). Her xpertise in business and marketing consulting has been approved by several companies in Colombia and Unites States, approaching the middle and small corporations to grow and evolve into organized companies strategically moving. Amount these companies the most representative ones are Tecnoquimicas, Chiclets Adams, Warner Lamber, Beauty Express, but she has specialized on bringing Top Class consulting to the small and medium organizations like Yemail & Daphne, Toot, Imprial, Pacific Páltic Industries, Ramirez Silver Jewerely Store and Fajas Salome in wich she help and guided marketing strategies to penetrate and win international markets in countries like Ecuador, Peru, Salvador, United States, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Also, Claudia is committed with the local development, supporting programs with social character in Javeriana University like a Research Teacher and assisting the Expopyme ProExport Program with the ICESI University.